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"Beauty, Brains, Birdiness"

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Tamarac Tollers, is located on Tamarac Road in a small, rural town in the rolling hills of upstate New York. We are very active competing our Tollers at Hunt Tests, Agility Trials, Obedience Trials, Conformation Shows and Dock Diving Competitions.

The Tamarack tree is one of only three native North American larch species and is the most common. This larch sheds its needles in the fall. Tamarack is the most cold-hardy of any native tree and has the strongest wood of all the conifers. The tamarack or “hackmatack” has been an excellent timber much used for ships. It is practically indestructible under water and stands very well even where exposed. Making of the tamarack twig goose decoys, as an aid in hunting, has been passed down among the Cree people, generation to generation. It is a necessary technology which has, among some Cree craftspeople, evolved into a remarkable contemporary art. Because of its astringent and gently stimulating qualities the inner bark is especially useful for a variety of ailments, including melancholy. Spelling has evolved from various native American derivations, and Tamarac Tollers reflects the spelling of the local community and road where Tamarac Tollers is located.

Why all this information about a tree species? Well, our name, Tamarac was chosen in part because some Tamarack characteristics seem comparable to natural traits of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers ("Tollers"). Like the tree, the Toller is medium size, strong, cold-hardy, "indestructible even under water," has a strong affiliation with birds and hunting, and last, but not least, alleviates melancholy! Tollers seem to have an innate "sense of humor" and happy disposition which bring cheer and love to all who they surround.

Tamarac Tollers are known for their strength: of character, beauty, and utility. They are strong in their intelligence and eagerness to please--are enthusiastic in the field and come from long lines of working hunting dogs. We breed very infrequently and selectively. Tamarac Tollers are bred with strength of temperament in mind, combined with keen minds, birdiness and hunting ability, and looks that are as physically functional and healthy as they are beautiful to behold.

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Tamarac Tollers
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Tamarac Tollers

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