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Breeze's First Litter

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Sire: Vad, HR Vildanden's Neon af Nischi CD JH WCX TDI Can JH WCI

After a grueling and scary Sunday night, I rushed Breeze to the vet in the early morning for an emergency C-section. She had three girls, but one was stillborn. So there are two beautifully-marked, deep red pups who are lively, already exerting the "Toller Scream" and nursing well. They are thriving and Breeze is doing fine--being, as we expected, the perfect Mother. One of the pups has a white "star" on the top of her head, the other a "stripe," so I am referring to them as "Star and "Stripe."

Star                   and                   Stripe

At 5:30 in the morning, I called friend Tracy when I knew Breeze was in labor trouble and was going to have to be brought to the vet. She was here in a few short minutes and drove us to the clinic where staff was fully set up and prepared for the C-section that followed. Tracy was a true lifesaver--she stayed so calm and reassuring, and helped with getting the pups to nurse as Breeze was coming out of anesthesia. I think Tracy, who is one of Breeze's very best pals, loves these pups almost as much as I do!

Watch Us Grow!

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