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Hoosick Haven

Tamarac Tollers Retriever Training Grounds

Nestled in the hills, not 15 minutes from Nancy's home outside of Troy NY are her retriever training grounds, Hoosick Haven.

Hoosick Haven encompasses 73 acres that can only be described as “Dramatic” with rolling hills and steep up and downhill slopes. There is also a flatter 15-acre area with undulating terrain that we call "The Airfield". Originally graced with one smaller pond, the property now has three ponds, one, a medium sized technical pond. While the main gravel road and parking area is suitable for all vehicles, there is also a smaller dirt road for UTV and ATV access to all areas and sides of the property.

The land and water is easily suitable for everything from beginning retriever training through Open All Age concepts.

Along with the land and ponds, Nancy is in the process of converting a portion of her large barn into “Nancy’s Nest”, where friends can gather for lunch and relaxation. Plans are to have a walk out deck, large windows and sliding glass door to complement the inside that has all the comforts and conveniences.

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Hoosick Land and "The Airfield"

The Original Pond

The Hoosick Technical Pond

The placement of the technical pond uphill from the original pond, and the dramatic terrain around the technical pond allows for the set up of very tough and demanding water marks.

Building of Hoosick Technical Pond

With the tremendous amount of terrain changes the building of a technical pond presented huge technical and building challenges.

The Gully Pond

Below the Original Pond was a huge Gully that was so steep as to make it unusable because the brush could not be fully cleared, and there was no way to get across it for over a 100 yards. Thus the Gully Pond was born. This is not as small of a pond as one might think, and the in and outs from a distance certainly can present challenges. After completion, Nancy decided to introduce Lilly Pads to the Gully Pond

"Nancy's Nest", the View from "The Nest" and The Gazebo at the Technical Pond

The Old Barn and Silo at the Hoosick Training Grounds

And The Transformation: Hoosick Haven Farm Silo Garden!

Thanks to Brian Tindal, designer of this beautiful garden which is already pretty! Can't wait for everything else to bloom...dahlias and more. This silo foundation is one of only three remnants from the historic Walter A. Wood property in Hoosick Falls NY

..........And More To Come!

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Nancy Tucker
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